Big News!

So, after a lot of thought and consideration, I’ve decided to rebrand my work and myself as a writer. This comes after a serious depletion in my love for what I do, what I write, and the length of the novels I’ve been releasing. What this means is, Klarissa King as a pen-name will be set aside (I will be finishing all of the series though, so don’t worry!). Some works will be moved to my new pen-name, Quinn Blackbird. These include the following:
Hunted (The ending will also be rewritten).

The Prince’s Prisoner

Gods and Monsters

Winter Plague

Once these books are rebranded (recovered, rewritten in some cases) and re-released by Quinn Blackbird, all other works belonging to Klarissa King and Isla Jones will be left untouched to read.
Quinn Blackbird will be for books and stories that I’m fully passionate about, that I love myself, and that I’m sure you will love too. Also, they will keep their novel-lengths, as opposed to the mini-series lengths of Dark Skies and Endangered/The Fallen.
This change will come within the week. I hope you follow my new pen-name here on Goodreads ( and enjoy future stories that Quinn Blackbird will be bringing to you.